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Don't let the risks of HIV/AIDS ruin your fun. Get educated, be empowered, and stay safe with PrEP, a daily pill that can reduce the risk of HIV by over 90% when taken as prescribed. PrEP doesn't protect against STD's, so remember to still use a condom.
AltaMed has been dedicated to providing quality HIV and AIDS health care to diverse communities for over 20 years.

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PrEP, also known as pre-exposure prophylaxis, is a pill that can be prescribed for people at risk of getting HIV. PrEP combines two HIV medications, tenofovir and emtricitabine, into a single pill. If taken daily, it can reduce your chances of getting HIV by as much as 90%.
If PrEP is taken every day as prescribed, it helps block HIV from taking hold inside your bloodstream.
PrEP reduces your chances of becoming infected with HIV through sex by roughly 90% when taken daily. For IV drug users, PrEP lowers the chances of contracting HIV by about 70%.

PrEP is not effective at preventing other STDs such as syphilis, gonorrhea and chlamydia. That’s why you should still continue to use condoms while using PrEP.
Consider PrEP if any of the following describes you:
  • You’re a gay or bisexual man who’s been diagnosed with an STD during the past 6 months.
  • You’re HIV-negative and having a sexual relationship with someone who is HIV-positive.
  • You’re a man who has had anal sex with another man without using a condom
  • You inject drugs and share needles or works
  • You don’t regularly use condoms
  • You don’t know the HIV status of your sex partners.
PrEP allows you take control of your sexual health and gives you peace of mind when having sex by helping to keep you HIV negative.
Post Exposure Prophylaxis (PEP) means taking antiretroviral medicines after a potential HIV exposure. PEP must be started within 72 hours after exposure. PEP is highly effective in preventing HIV.
It is safe to take hormones and PrEP together. Many women use Truvada as PrEP or as treatment for HIV, and there are no observed issues with using Truvada and hormones at the same time.
Some people may experience nausea and other side effects when they start taking PrEP, but these usually subside over time. If you experience any side effects that are severe or that persist, tell your doctor or healthcare provider.
PrEP is a prescription medication so visit your doctor or health care provider and talk to them about why you’re considering PrEP. You’ll have to take lab test that includes an HIV test before you start taking PrEP to make sure you are healthy enough to take PrEP. (Your doctor can discuss other medications that might be right for you.)

If you’re prescribed PrEP but cannot afford the medication, there are assistance programs that provide free PrEP to those with limited income and no insurance. Contact us for more information.

Kiki n' Brunch

Kiki n' Brunch

Ready to Kiki... Follow this group of friends as they laugh and chat about life, love, dating and PrEP because there's always time to talk about PrEP.

To find a provider near you visit: PleasePrEPme.org



Be flawless and fierce and always stay true to yourself. Witness how these trans women take charge of their health and well-being. Enjoy 5 empowering videos dedicated to showing how preventing HIV by taking PrEP can be an important part of your personal journey. You got this, girl!

For more information visit: PleasePrEPme.org

  • Transphobia

    Some things we can’t control, but there are some things we can. Learn to be Trans Empowered, PrEP protected.

  • United

    A bathroom conversation among two women leads to mentorship and empowerment. Can you support other women in their PrEP journey?

  • The Romantic
    The Romantic

    This romantic is confident and sex positive. Taking PrEP helps keep her HIV free.

  • Inclusivity

    This woman knows when to take charge, she is concerned about hormone interaction and wants to be safe and protected from HIV. Talk to your provider about PrEP.

  • The Queen
    The Queen

    She's Fierce. Trans Empowered, PrEP Protected. Friendship and PrEP unites them. They're all winners.

Ella (Spanish)

  • Transphobia

    Hay cosas que no podemos controlar, pero hay otras cosas que sí. Edúcate y PrEPárate.

  • Unidas

    Una conversación entre dos mujeres trans se convierte un momento de poder y enseñanza.

  • La Romantica
    La Romantica

    Cuando tomas control de tu salud sexual, aseguras la plenitud de tus momentos románticos.

  • Inclusividad

    Esta mujer trans visita a su médico para preguntar acerca de PrEP, está preocupada sobre el impacto a sus hormonas y quiere estar segura y protegida contra el VIH.

  • La Reina
    La Reina

    Ella, Edúcate y PrEPárate. La amistad y PrEP las une. Todas son ganadoras.

PrEP Provider Education

PrEP Provider Education

PrEP Overview

This video addresses common concerns of patients and physicians regarding a PrEP prescription.

Prescribing PrEP

The video features three scenarios of how to conduct a brief sexual health history and address PrEP usage with patients.

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  • Fitness Buff
    This beefcake loves to work out and cruise for guys between sets at the gym.
  • Vaquero
    The vaquero fantasizes about a steamy shower hook-up.
  • Day Laborer
    This hard worker is getting ready for a long day to lay the pipe, mow the lawn, and nail some wood.
  • The Artist
    To look beautiful, sexy, powerful, and seductive the performer carefully applies make-up and adorns her body with jewelry.