The Salazar Family

ADRIANA (mamá)

played by Eliana Alexander

A committed wife and mother who is proud of her family’s accomplishments and hopes for a bright future for her children. Troubled by the strain in her marriage she begins to question her husband’s fidelity and quickly unravels more than she expected to find.

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ELIANA ALEXANDER is a multi-award-winning actor, choreographer and novelist who has been immersed in the entertainment world for over 20 years.  Her diverse talents enable her to enrich every project of which she is a part of. Eliana is honored to be part of the project Sin Vergüenza for a second season

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CÉSAR (papá)

played by Daniel E. Mora

A husband and father who is an integral part of the family until his secrets come to light. Troubled by the harm he caused himself and his family, Cesar spirals out of control and doesn’t know if he could ever make things right again.

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DANIEL E. MORA has played numerous theater productions throughout Southern Ca. His film and TV credits include “The Mentalist,” “Castle”, “Two Broke Girls” “Filly Brown,” “The Bounce Back”, “NCIS Los Angeles,” “Colony,” and “The Bridge.”  He recently played Jorge in the critically acclaimed film “Band of Robbers.” His favorite role? Being a father to his daughter Alexandra.

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ESTHER (abuela)

played by Maria Richwine

The much loved abuela (grandmother) and family matriarch. Esther is a traditional woman but her views are forced to change when her family’s reality begins to change.

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MARIA RICHWINE has worked in several feature films and dozens of guest starring roles for television.  Recent work for this actress includes “Foreign Land." She has also worked on Season 1 and 3 of "East Los High," a breakthrough Hulu Original nominated for several Daytime Emmy Awards.

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ENRIQUE (hijo)

played by J.M. Longoria III

César and Adriana’s openly-gay son. The family is accepting of his sexuality, except his father. He soon discovers the underlying reasons for his father’s rejection and finds himself caught in the middle of his family’s despair. How will he prevail as HIV begins to creep into his life?

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J.M. LONGORIA III is proud to be a part of the Sin Vergüenza family and educating Latinos about HIV prevention. This Texas native has co-starred in several television shows including FOX’s “Mulaney”. Most recently J.M.  can be seen in Sony Pictures, “Miracles from Heaven.”

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played by Joanna Zanella

A bright and attractive young woman trying to navigate college while helping her parents with the family business. Christina has been dating her boyfriend Hector for some time but his indiscretions become a source of tension and conflict. With her parents’ relationship crumpling, she is left question her own relationship.

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JOANNA ZANELLA in love with acting from the age of four, this Mexican-American actress has appeared in a variety of television campaigns. More recently, she achieved her dream of becoming the host for Univision Deportes. She will also host for UFC Español, covering the US and Latin American.

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Paco Farias


Paco directed the cinematic vision of Sin Vergüenza. He began directing in 2006 and is currently developing pilot scripts with his writing partner, Jennifer Stetson. Originally an actor, he received his BA in Drama from Stanford University and an MFA in Drama from the University of Minnesota.