Season 1

Meet the Salazar’s, a proud, hard-working, Mexican-American family from East Los Angeles. As the season unfolds, you quickly learn that each member of the family is at risk of getting HIV, no matter the age, sexual orientation or marital status. As the season comes to a close, the family discovers who is HIV positive and wonders if they can pull through this shocking news together.

Season 2

Faced with the reality of an HIV diagnosis and having unknowingly infected his pregnant wife, Cesar is consumed with shame and guilt. The family shares in their struggles, as they try to come to terms with the truths that have forever changed their family and their lives Testing Live update

Season 3

The Salazars’ are at a turning point in their lives. Watch as Cesar begins to face the shame he tried to mask with alcohol. Will this family stay together, or will their secrets and fears prove to be more than they can handle?

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